Top 10 Reasons Why People Hate/Dislike Kim Kardashian…Why They Always Fail.

First, many will disagree with this article.  Second, I do not care.  I will provide you the Top 10 Reasons Why People Hate/Dislike Kim Kardashian and why most reasons are baseless.  More importantly, I am not a fan of Kim Kardashian.  I do not follow entertainment news or read tabloids.  I do not follower her, any Kardashian, or any member of the Jenner Family on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform.

I acknowledge that everyone has an opinion and has a platform to state their beliefs.  A fan of a celebrity does not mean you worship him or her.  Disliking a celebrity doesn’t mean you harbor ill-will or a deep-seated hatred.  These are terms incorrectly used to embellish beliefs and emotions.

So, why did I write this article?  I was bored and wanted to write something.  Furthermore, I tried to find one logical reason why so many people find this one celebrity polarizing and controversial.  If she blinks, eats a potato chip, or slams a door there is always an opinion about it.  I sought to gather the most popular rants and provide an appropriate and logical explanation for each.  I honestly came to the same conclusion on my top 10 reasons.  I took the approach that I live by…If you leave me alone I’ll leave you alone…Handle your business and I’ll handle mine.  So I applied this very logical concept to each reason/rebuttal.  Here are my findings for the Top 10 Reasons Why People Hate/Dislike Kim Kardashian.


# 10: She’s fake.  She’s had botox, augmentation procedures, and other plastic surgery.  Here’s your lipstick Becky.

Good job, nice try, but you get no cookie.  The truth is if you’ve worn makeup, fake eyelashes, nails, synthetic hair, extensions, a girdle, nail polish, lipstick, contact lenses or any item to enhance your natural appearance then you’re just as superficial as the next.  I think the problem lies with the fact that celebrities can afford a more permanent and immediate change to their aesthetics versus the average man or woman who is forced to save for years just to correct what they dislike about their appearance.  Not my fault, not Hollywood’s fault.  Be happy with yourself.  The pot calling the kettle black.

# 9: She so annoying. Umm, driving slow in the fast lane is annoying.

Good job, nice try, here’s your GED.  It’s nothing to brag about.  Please explain how it’s possible to be annoyed by someone you’ve never met?  If you are annoyed by a celebrity why do you engage in speaking about their life, their whereabouts, their antics on social media?  I believe this is purposely done to get a rise out of fans.  Congratulations you just wasted time ranting about someone who annoys you.  As you spin in endless circles you are annoying yourself about someone you’ve never met.  This also applies to any other Hollywood celebrity or notable figure.


# 7: She’s so dumb, stupid, promiscuous. What about your past?

Good job, nice try, did you pay your rent in full?  Riding a controversy, using your natural beauty to your advantage, and amassing a net worth of over $35-$45 million dollars (Forbes) is not stupid.  Forbes is probably being conservative.  Calling someone dumb, who is a total stranger, is a lousy attempt to divert people away from your lack of evidence.  We live in a world of keyboard thugs who stop at nothing to insult anyone, anything, at any time.  We live in a society where it’s okay to slight a beautiful woman by insulting her as if beauty and intelligence are mutually exclusive.  Attacking someone as if we know their behavior behind closed doors honestly shows the immaturity of trolls.  People take tabloid garbage as gospel and run with it.  They rarely issue a retraction or apology because that is a sign of humility.  Many people lack this trait because they’re too busy basking in the glory of being a shock-jock for likes and comments.  Internet trolls waste countless hour sucking massive amounts of bandwidth insulting celebrities as if they are impacting the world one letter at a time.  Sorry ’bout that.  Have you checked your 401k?

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 2.20.24 AM

# 6: I can’t stand the Kardashians (Keeping Up With The Kardashians)

Good job, nice try, but you never met the Kardashians.  I’m sure they would be equally annoyed at a stranger.  If you don’t follower their social media accounts, buy their products, watch their shows then what is annoying you?  What is the source of your angst, the bane your existence at this very moment?  Deal with it.  I highly doubt it is a family in Calabasas, California. Read a book.  Exercise. Eat a yogurt.  Watch COPS.  Just go to bed.

High Resolution Pic Kim Kardashian

High Resolution Picture of Kim Kardashian above.

# 5: She’s so ugly. Stevie Wonder sit down.

Good job, nice try, look in the mirror and tell me what you see.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Beauty is relative.  Admit it….she is better looking than the person reading this article.  The reality is Kim Kardashian is beautiful, photogenic, and blessed with a bone structure sought after by many especially women.  Ugly is the antithesis of gorgeous and that’s all most people got.  When one person takes the time to meticulously pick apart another human being it means they are not satisfied with who they are.  Degrade the other to elevate one’s self is childish.  The thought of a natural beauty who honestly doesn’t need makeup to turn heads can often irk and confuse those who are forced to hit the treadmill 5-6 times a week, straighten or curl their entangled hair, and cake on layers of beauty products just to look somewhat like a Hollywood starlet.  You’re out of insults. Next.

Kim Kardashian Ring

# 4: She not a good role model for young women and girls who purchase her products.  She’s a mother now!  What would her kid think of her behavior?

Good job, nice try, but nobody cares.  Crickets.  Holding Hollywood to an acceptable moral, non-Hollywood standard is self-deception.  Actors, actresses, socialites are more concerned with image, money, and the fast life.  This formula has not changed so why should you expect anything different?  Role models should be moms, dads, community leaders, Nobel Peace Prize winners, civil rights leaders, poets, and accomplished professionals who paved the way for others.  Kim Kardashian will never cure cancer or be a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations and neither will I the writer of this article.  Your expectations are askew from reality.

Her child North West…okay we can agree on the name.  When Kim and Kanye’s child reaches the age of accountability and responsibility I am sure she won’t complain about mom’s countless derrière complications and modeling gigs as she attends exclusive galas, events, beautiful vacation spots, and award ceremonies.  She will be keenly aware that she does not require a college degree or professional, marketable trade to make it.  I don’t think she will complain about her Land Rover or new 3-Series. Her celebrity parents and the environment will be a catalyst for many successful and failed projects until her last breath.  I am sure she will understand.  North wins.  Next.


# 3: Kim Kardashian is not talented.

Good job, nice try, you’re onto something…finally.  She hasn’t mastered a skill, she doesn’t play an instrument, hasn’t won an Emmy, Grammy, or finished a book or final two year dissertation on global warming.  Have you accomplished any of the above?  Ask yourself.  Most people are mediocre at many things and excel at very few.  Congratulations you are not talented either.  Test. Take your career status/age juxtapose Kim Kardashian’s career/age and ask yourself are you as accomplished in your trade versus Kim?  Are you satisfied with where you are professionally?

Fact: One thing Kim Kardashian is talented at is making money!  That is her profession.  So good at it that she turns down lucrative offers.  Negotiating business contracts, your image, and juggling multiple products takes some skill.  Whether you call that talent is your call.  I call it perseverance.  Kim wins.

Kim Kardashian and Jay J

Kim Kardashian and Jay J photo

#2: Any mention about the video tape scandal with her then boyfriend Ray J.

Good job, nice try, but you failed for referencing an event that happened over 10+ years ago; 2003 video was shot.  Video was leaked to the public in 2007 so the difference (in years) from today is still a very long time.  Find some new material it’s getting really old.  This is equivalent to being appalled by former President Bill Clinton because of the Monica Lewinsky, White House scandal.  So old!!  Using the past to justify or make a valid point to persuade a present opinion is illogical and lacks all reason.  Test!  Rewind back a decade to when you were young and very dumb.  Maybe you were a chain smoker.  Now tell your coworkers and family members what you did.  Now accept their judgment and disapproval from an act or stupid decision you made many years ago.  It’s irrational and unreasonable to continuously perceive someone as the same person especially if they have changed.  A boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other isn’t news.  Recording such moments was a dumb move but it’s over.  Let it go people.

#1: She famous for nothing. Congratulations Captain Obvious!

Initially you are correct.  Good job, nice try, but she was going to be famous either way.  Video scandal or not Kim Kardashian is/was a Hollywood socialite.  Growing up in and around celebrities and being the daughter of a wealthy and successful lawyer was a no lose situation.  As previously stated here was no professional body of work, no completion of a project, and no rags to riches story to attribute to Kim Kardashian.  She took a controversy that would demolish the average news anchor’s career and built an empire which includes retail stores, a clothing line, fragrances, investments, modeling contracts, tv contracts, endorsements, movie cameos, and the list goes on and on.  In conclusion, she is famous for her entrepreneurial prowess, beauty, and the continuous chatter from those who are so constantly annoyed by her image.  Kim Kardashian wins again.

Celebrities put themselves in the limelight.  They feed it, they crave it.  Fans, the media, critics make them and break them so all criticism is expected.  I just think continuous, non-stop jabs at celebrities makes people more of a fan than they think. You lose, Kim wins. Enjoy your 8 to 5.

Trae :)

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Top 10 Reasons Why People Hate/Dislike Kim Kardashian…Why They Always Fail.

First, many will disagree with this article.  Second, I do not care.  I will provide you the Top 10 Reasons Why People Hate/Dislike Kim Kardashian and why most reasons are baseless.  More importantly, I am not a fan of Kim Kardashian.  I do not follow entertainment news or read tabloids.  I do not follower her, any Kardashian, […]