What I Said vs. What I Actually Meant…And Meaning of Facebook Poke

What I said vs. What I actually meant.  There’s always a deeper meaning to words and acronyms.  Stay informed! What I said. LOL What I actually meant. I have absolutely nothing to say in response.  What you said is mildly amusing to me.  I want to assure you of our friendship and my response is […]

[VIRUS] 2 FREE Southwest Airline Tickets! (limited time only) To All Facebook Members? FALSE It’s A Virus/Scam? Don’t Click It.

Warning, warning, the Southwest Airlines tickets click scam is back at it again. Southwest Airlines is NOT giving away 2 free ticket to Facebook members. We also have reason to believe this is more than just a clickscam campaign. To our knowledge it can also harm your computer because it brings up security alerts…possible a […]