[Instructions] How To Put Samsung Galaxy S2 (II) i727 Skyrocket Into Recovery Mode & Download Mode: List of AT&T Skyrocket ROMS

This is very simple and works like a charm. I will show you two things. How to put your phone in recovery mode and how to put your phone into download mode. This is for the i727 Skyrocket from AT&T, probably works with a lot of other phones as well. Follow my instructions exactly. THE […]

[How To Video] Install CyanogenMod 7 ROM On AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 SII i777 + Recovery Mode

This is how you install CyanogenMod 7 or any other ROM on your Samsung Galaxy S2. Sorry the video is blurry but it’s still helpful. Follow the instructions exactly. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMYgvHBqSXA Contact me for any questions. Share This!

How To Put, Start AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) Into Recovery Mode or ClockWorkMod Recovery, To Flash ROM [Easy Instructions]

I will post a video soon. If you don’t see a video here, please contact me and I’ll send it or post it. Now I’m assuming you’ve rooted your phone and flashed ClockWorkMode Recovery on your U.S version which is called the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2. This should be done prior to proceeding. If you […]