How To Get Rich, Wealthy, Become Happy?…How Do People Make Millions of Dollars?

Nowadays, the sky is the limit to how much you can make and if you live in a capitalistic environment that fosters business development you will soon see dollars signs. If you’re looking for a get-rich-quick answer then this is the wrong site. If you’re wondering how people do then I’m about to share a little knowledge; most of it’s common. There are several methods…

1) Flat-out some people are born into money. The proper term is generational wealth. It’s easy for them to accomplish their goals when they don’t have to take out massive loans from the bank. They can leverage their mistakes because they have money to burn. If an investment goes wrong it’s okay because it was allotted to a risk fund and expected to fail. Unfortunately, most people won’t fall into this category despite our parents’ hard-work and dedication to giving us a better tomorrow. If your parents make over $250,000 individually so a combined net income of over $500,000 per household then your college is paid for, your car is too, and you’re afforded several mistakes because top-notch attorney’s and community connections will get you out of the valley thus setting you up for cushy, nice paying job at a company that has family connections and influence.

2) Looks. Yes, I mean beauty. Good looking people have the advantage in the the workplace, in society, and throughout life. It’s proven that our photogenic friends are more likely to accomplish their goals because people are willing to go the distance and coddle their every want and need. Have you noticed wealthy people are typically good looking? It’s true. A beautiful females will attract the wealthier alpha males in society. They have the upper-hand to pick and choose an assortment of men who vie for their attention. For the male, he gets a beautiful woman but there’s always the looming question in the back of his head; does she really love me or my money?

On the flip side alpha males, the studs of society, are born with the option of climbing the corporate latter or living the playboy lifestyle until he turns 30. By that time a male is still young and looks still matter. His charm will get him any job and all he has to do is smile. Employers, people, investors love it. He can’t fail.

3) Marry into money. This is explained above but not in detail. Money is attractive and can make any 6 out of 10 male or female look like a 9 out of 10 in a quick minute. Also remember money attracts money and these same people roam in the same societal circles. It’s comforting to know he or she is a definite provider. We love nothing more than stability in our lives and money provides a plushness that can not be explained. Lets admit it, some people’s brains are wired differently…looks first, money second. Many people are the opposite but money can definitely make that former high school/college football player who was born destitute look super attractive $30 million dollars later; huh ladies. It’s up to us guys to try and pull an Oprah but it’s not happening. We are so superficial yet sophisticated in our own bubble.

4) Steal it. I said it but don’t condone it. Chances are someone faster, stronger, and smarter than you found a loophole in society and exploited it and that’s why they drive a Bentley and you drive a pair of Nikes. This isn’t the way I want to live my life but some have chosen this nefarious path and it pays multitudes for generations to come. What I am referring to in this paraphrase is white-collar crime. This isn’t taking an old lady’s cash or pawning someone’s television. This is cheating the system that cheats us. This is siphoning every penny of each dollar so it goes unnoticed and 5 years from now those pennies add up. Recently have these practices been highlighted in the media. Monopolizing an industry or product and circumventing the law to your advantage is what I am talking about. I’m all business but stealing from those who don’t deserve it isn’t right.

5) Winfall profit. A perfect example is an unexpected good fortune like winning the multi-million dollar lottery or your dead relative leaving you an million dollar estate and plenty of assets. This isn’t happening to to the majority so I’ll leave this subject alone.

6) Do it yourself. From that lemonade stand to your multi-million dollar idea that transformed an industry this is where a lot of people who find themselves in this category. Self-made success is the American dream and an international one as well. The owners of companies we know today are self-made millionaires, billionaires because they got off their lazy asses and didn’t stop. They took risks in life. The bigger the risk the bigger the outcome. Playing it safe, conservative works but the heavy hitters have always risked more and gained more in the end.

7) Do what Warren Buffet says. What? Invest long-term. This should have been first or second on the list but very few people listen to a billionaire’s advice. Let your money grow and work for you. Put it in government bonds, CDs, and safe assets that have little return on investment but are guaranteed to return something. Diversifying your portfolio to mitigate risk will ensure a nice return; OVER TIME. Twenty years later you will be thanking me for this advice.

8) Creativity and ingenuity. A perfect example is Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. This kid is smart whether you like him or his company. There are people who have ideas, inventions, and creations that are bound for success. Very few of us are super-creative but this is category designated for a few. I’m not calling the 99.99% of us stupid, we mostly fall into the average category of people who live, breathe, and eat the products the .01% have created. I have left out entertainers, actors, and athletes because this article is about reality.

9) You are doing it wrong. Want money…then tell people they are doing something wrong when they are really doing it right. Capitalize on convincing people their method of sleeping, living, worshipping, moving, looking, or giving is wrong. A perfect example is the gluten diet. Gluten is a protein found in many foods. Hollywood and celebrities have jumped on this craze convincing people that a natural protein gluten is somehow bad for you…WRONG. There are a few individuals who are highly allergic but most people are not. That’s just an example. People have made millions off magnet therapy. This has absolutely no scientific foundation but apparently we’ve been walking and running incorrectly for hundreds of years. You get the picture? This method can be applied in any setting with any demographic. So, go ahead and think of something people do and create a way of doing it differently. Not more efficiently, or costly, just differently and drones of followers will inquire.

10) Most importantly, life isn’t fair; be happy irrespective. You’ve read the above nine steps to make it so far and you find yourself decades later looking to the Internet for more answers. There is no simple one but I’ve given you a framework by which most wealthy and rich people follow. In all sincerity, I hope you mimic it and tell the masses. So, we all fall into this last category. If you want to get rich borrow a massive amount of money from the bank and/or work 20+ years to see if your dream will come to fruition. If you work towards something you love and have a passion for money will come as a byproduct. In the process don’t quit your day job that’s stupid.

The reality is YES rich and wealthy people are happy, but happiness is relative to your situation. If you’ve read this far, I believe you’re searching for happiness, something to fill a void. A constant comparison of what someone else has isn’t a healthy way to live life. The term rich, wealthy is defined by your view of their situation and you most likely equate this with happiness. There are monks living remotes regions who are content. Why is that? The answer to being rich and wealthy is taking what God gave you and doing your best at it. You don’t have to be religious or spiritual to get the point. Don’t stop at your dream, don’t give up, and if you die with a penny in your pocket then you’re richer than half the world. Think about it.

-Trae McNeely

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How To Get Rich, Wealthy, Become Happy?…How Do People Make Millions of Dollars?

Nowadays, the sky is the limit to how much you can make and if you live in a capitalistic environment that fosters business development you will soon see dollars signs. If you’re looking for a get-rich-quick answer then this is the wrong site. If you’re wondering how people do then I’m about to share a […]