Excellent Vegan Blog, Southern Blonde Vegan, by Sara Argo

So, I’m not a vegetarian or vegan but I love healthy menu items especially ones you can make yourself and that’s where Sara’s blog (here) fills the void.  It’s a classic, easy-to-read vegan blog with recipes and colorful imagery.  She has healthy, wholesome items with custom recipes for those stay-at-home moms, the working adult, the vegan followers, or anyone who loves healthy eating.  Her charismatic personality and photogenic smile also add a personal touch.

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Sara’s blog started around September from the archives and it’s gathered a nice following.  Free of ads, cumbersome layouts, and overcomplicated navigation it’s a nice online mecca for those who wish to gather, discuss, contribute to this health conscious vegan community.  Take several clicks through her blog and you’ll notice an array of personalized entries with detailed instructions on how to make a Vegan Butternut Barley Risotto as an example (pic below).

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To provide a balance for those who are skeptical of the vegan community it is a common misperception that vegan items, resources are just for vegan; all lies!  Such blogs and outlets serve as resources for those who want to learn and live a healthy lifestyle so it’s for everyone.  Also note Sara stays engaged with her visitors often replying to comments so there’s never a dull moment.  That’s how you keep an active blog healthy. Kudos.

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Offbeat.  I worked with Sara several years ago and I’m sure he had no idea that I was aware of her blog success.  Well bravo my friend you’re on your way to the BIG LEAGUES!!  I highly recommend www.southernblondevegan.com (instagram) for those who subscribe to the vegan lifestyle and also those who like delectable and healthy food items from scratch.
ProBlogger Trae McNeely :)

MY RANT: I said no cheese please and guess what I get CHEESE…wth

I go to an eatery and/or restaurant and I say no cheese and guess what they put on my burger or menu item; CHEESE!!!  I said no cheese.  Why must Americans put cheese on everything?  I don’t get it.  This consistently happens at almost every place I visit.  I often spell out ‘NO CHEESE, N O C H E E S E” and they still put that crap on my food.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not anti-cheese but I prefer to have very little to no cheese on most items.  I don’t understand the world anymore.  Seriously I just stated that I did not want cheese.


I’m allergic to this crap still isn’t good enough at many restaurants.  Irrespective of the atmosphere or price of the food waiters, cooks consistently get this wrong.  Next time I’m going to the back of the kitchen and watching them make my food with NO CHEESE. Rant over!

Son, Joseph Riquelme (Videoshop app Founder), Pays Off Parents’ Mortgage For Christmas

It started on Reddit.  Founder of the iOS app Videoshop, Joseph Riquelme, gives his parents a note letting them know their mortgage is paid off for Christmas.