Son, Joseph Riquelme (Videoshop app Founder), Pays Off Parents’ Mortgage For Christmas

It started on Reddit.  Founder of the iOS app Videoshop, Joseph Riquelme, gives his parents a note letting them know their mortgage is paid off for Christmas. Share This!

Dear College Students, Sorry About Your GPA. Sincerely, Netflix

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Hilarious Eharmony video! “I Love Cats” Girl is a Confirmed Fake, Fraud, Not Real

The girl that claims to do an online EHarmony video and then goes into a rant about her love for cats is a confirmed fake and if you fall for it you’re stupid. She is working with an agency and it’s also been confirmed she’s using a false name in the video as well. Lastly, […]

Pakistani’s ‘One Pound Fish’ YouTube Video Tries To Become The Next Gangnam Style

So, it was South Korea’s Psy with the highly infectious Gangnam Style video and dance which has over 1 billion YouTube views and counting. Now it’s Muhammad Shahid Nazir’s ‘One Pound Fish.’ Interesting enough the guy is a fish seller and his wanna be Gangnam Style video has caught the attention of Warner Music, several […]