Top 10 Reasons Why People Hate/Dislike Kim Kardashian…Why They Always Fail.

First, many will disagree with this article.  Second, I do not care.  I will provide you the Top 10 Reasons Why People Hate/Dislike Kim Kardashian and why most reasons are baseless.  More importantly, I am not a fan of Kim Kardashian.  I do not follow entertainment news or read tabloids.  I do not follower her, any Kardashian, […]

Save Time and Money Tips..

Never drive to a particular gas station because it has the cheapest gas. Always get gasoline at the nearest gas station.  Doesn’t make sense as you will more spend more money driving which often negates saving. To heat your room during the cold and nights use an oil-filled radiator heater.  Turn your home heater down […]

What I Said vs. What I Actually Meant…And Meaning of Facebook Poke

What I said vs. What I actually meant.  There’s always a deeper meaning to words and acronyms.  Stay informed! What I said. LOL What I actually meant. I have absolutely nothing to say in response.  What you said is mildly amusing to me.  I want to assure you of our friendship and my response is […]

Review: PureGear Pure Boom Premium Sound Buds With In-Line Mic @PureGear

Introducing the new, stylish Pure Boom Sound Buds by PureGear. PureGear @PureGear is known in the cell phone accessory industry for making high quality, durable products to insulate and accessorize your favorite gadgets and this is no exception. The earbuds are a two tone color laced with grey to make them stand out and look […]

Free $50 Gas Card Giveaway To 7-Eleven, Conoco-Phillips, Or Gas Station Of Your Choice – May 2012

Hello fellow followers. I want to take this time and thank everyone who has liked my site and those who send in questions and emails. Now, I feel as though it’s time to give back so I have decided to give a free $50 gas card to a randomly selected person. There are no […]

Keanu Reeves Death Hoax on Twitter, Facebook Is False After Whitney Houston’s Death

After the death of one of the world’s greatest voice’s, Whitney Houston, some people are trying to capitalize off the singer’s death by claiming that Keanu Reeves feel to his death in New Zealand. This is absolutely FALSE. The link on Facebook points to a several sentence report with very little information. This is what […]