Keanu Reeves Death Hoax on Twitter, Facebook Is False After Whitney Houston’s Death

After the death of one of the world’s greatest voice’s, Whitney Houston, some people are trying to capitalize off the singer’s death by claiming that Keanu Reeves feel to his death in New Zealand. This is absolutely FALSE. The link on Facebook points to a several sentence report with very little information. This is what […]

Facebook Scam $100 WalMart Voucher Christmas Giveway – Limited Time Only !!! [scam]

The click-scam artists are at it again with their newest click-scam the “WalMart Voucher Giveaway” just in time for the Christmas Season. The initial url or link “” isn’t harmful but I wouldn’t recommend click it. The message on Facebook reads “For a short time you can get a FREE $100 Christmas Walmart Gift Card […]

Facebook Passwords Actively Being Stolen Using IHOP’s Wireless Hotspots…Massive Facebook Security Alert…

I love IHOP, their late hours but now there’s a problem. IHOP is known for having free wireless Internet at most of their locations and it’s been a nice addition to their breakfast combos. Now, I have discovered hackers are exploiting their routers and somehow bypassing encryption when you log into Facebook and that’s were […]

97 Percent Of People Cant Watch This Video…[Facebook Click Scam] IHOP?

The scammers and spammers are at it again and are pushing the click-scam “97 Percent Of Peopel Can’t Watch This Video For More Than 15 Seconds ..” These click scams are originating from overseas and once again they are dominating Facebook users. What makes this next surge of click-scams so annoying is that they are […]

Facebook Scam Alert: She what she done after his Ex girlfriend & Dad walks in on daughter EMBARRASSING

“She what she done after his Ex girlfriend Posted This On her wall” is a clickscam and potentially a virus. This should be deleted….CHANGE YOUR FACEBOOK PASSWORD!! “Dad walks in on Daughter.. EMBARRASSING!” is also a clickscam and has more potential to be a virus based off the past. This should be deleted and make […]

Facebook Scam Alert: OMG Spider Under The Skin Is A Facebook Click Scam. Delete it, DON’T CLICK!!

So, if you have this on your wall now is a good time to delete it and also change your Facebook password. This is what’s called a clickscam and it’s officially a Facebook scam. Why is this a scam? Because the people who created it are making commission off each survey people fill out. Examples […]