[Settings] AT&T APN Settings for Infuse 4G, AT&T Phones, Samsungs {Access Point Names}

When flashing new ROMs sometimes the APN settings are set correctly or maybe your phone was reset. Let me show you how to correctly configure your APN settings so you have voice and most importantly data. 1) Press the settings/menu button (far left button) 2) Press Settings (bottom, middle) 3) Press Wireless and network (typically […]

How To Fix/Unbrick Samsung Infuse 4G, Samsung Logo Stuck On Screen Problem/Fix

So, I know you’re frustrated but let me show you how to unbrick your phone if it’s soft-bricked. Soft bricked means at least the screen will come on. Often times it just shows the Samsung Logo. First you should have the 3 button combo fix LINK HERE installed. If you didn’t do this ahead of […]

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