[How To] Fix Your Device Is Not Compatible With This Item In Android App Market – Galaxy S II, Skyrocket, Etc

Did you try and download an app from the Android Market and you got the following message…”Your Device Is Not Compatible With This Item”? Probably did. There are 3 methods to fixing this. Let me provide you with the most common fix for this. I’ve provided a screenshot below. Method 1. Go to your Menu […]

Speed Up Your Samsung Galaxy S 4G or Most Samsung Phones With S.A.S / U.S.A.Sv6 – Samsung Adrenaline Shot and Universal Samsung Adrenaline Shot

So, apparently they’ve come up with a tweak that will speed up your Samsung Galaxy S 4G for Tmobile and most of the other Samsung phones out there. This tweak, trick is new so please keep that in mind. Link is HERE or use the barcode scanner and download below NOW…. There is also a […]

Best Music MP3 Download Songs Apps For Android – G-Tunes Music vs. Music Download

Well there are only a few that I recommend and use. Remember these apps are free and you should never pay for the below apps. The first program is called G-Tunes Music Download MP3 aka G-Tunes Music Lite aka MP3 Downloader and it’s more widely known. They’ve changed the name several times. It has a […]

*#0*# LCD, Sensor Test For Samsung Phones… Secret Code for Infuse, Galaxy S2 I9100, & More

So you want to test your phone to make sure every sensor, every color, ever device in it is working correctly…It’s easy Step 1) Press your phone icon like you’re about to make a call Step 2) On the keypad press *#0*# Now you should see a white screen that says LCD Test. The coolest […]

Download One-Click Unbrick for Samsung Phones. Phone Exclamation Point Computer Unbrick Fix

So you messed up your phone and now it’s bricked. Luckily there’s the One-Click Unbrick that works on all platforms Mac, Windows, Linux, and more. 1) Make sure you have Java installed HERE. Most people probably do but you can click it to make sure it’s installed. 2) Download OneClick.jar HERE to your desktop.. 3) […]