Oklahoma’s Best BBQ – Steak and Ribs: Ken’s Steaks & Ribs Located in Amber, Oklahoma

If you love the best steaks and ribs then head over to Ken’s Steakhouse located in Amber, Oklahoma. This best kept secret is only open Thursday through Saturday from 4:30pm to 9:00pm so make the drive and taste what you’ve been missing. I’ve been to Ken’s several times and I short review will hopefully encourage […]

Review: PureGear Pure Boom Premium Sound Buds With In-Line Mic @PureGear

Introducing the new, stylish Pure Boom Sound Buds by PureGear. PureGear @PureGear is known in the cell phone accessory industry for making high quality, durable products to insulate and accessorize your favorite gadgets and this is no exception. The earbuds are a two tone color laced with grey to make them stand out and look […]

Review: PureGear Utilitarian Smartphone Support System w/ Removable Kickstand Clip

It’s a clip, a kickstand, an iPhone 4S/4 holder, and to be honest it can be used to prop up small objects using the 360/90 degree swivel mechanism. Formally it’s called the Utilitarian Smartphoen Support System by PureGear. PureGear is known for their high quality and high selection of smartphone accessories and this is no […]

Trae’s Facebook Status – The Facts

Fact: No president controls gas prices…it’s more your fault than his. Fact: Conversate is not a word…converse dumba$$. Fact: #Hashtags on Facebook are pointless, they don’t link to anything. Fact: Cruises are still one of the safest forms of vacation. Fact: Cold weather doesn’t give you a cold, it’s b/c you’re in close contact w/ […]

[Review of Voxer] Best Walkie-Talkie PTT App Is Voxer – Stores Voice In The Cloud Walkie Talkie For iPhone & Android

This is my honest review of a trending app called Voxer. It’s a push-to-talk application that allows Android and iPhone users to send audio voice messages at no cost; data plan included. With various apps that do the same thing vying for user’s attention, I was hesitant to download Voxer because I viewed Voxer as […]