[How To] Install Ice Cream Sandwich ICS On AT&T Galaxy Note i717 ,SGH-I717UCLC5 ROM – How To Root AT&T Note With ICS Instructions Included…

Well it’s time for the latest update to our Galaxy Note and it’s in the form of ICS otherwise known as Ice Cream Sandwich. Warning!!! This is just for the AT&T Note, not the international. You are risking your device and I’m not liable for you flashing this leaked ROM. It’s pretty stable and makes […]

How To Root AT&T Samsung Note SGH-i717 [Easy Instructions]

Bought a Samsung Note or i717 model from AT&T and had it rooted in less than a minute, seriously!! DO THIS FIRST: Make sure you have the latest Samsung Drivers downloaded and installed to your computer. Download them HERE. Install them successfully before you proceed to the next step. DO THIS SECOND: Download pda.tar file […]

How To Put, Start AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) Into Recovery Mode or ClockWorkMod Recovery, To Flash ROM [Easy Instructions]

I will post a video soon. If you don’t see a video here, please contact me and I’ll send it or post it. Now I’m assuming you’ve rooted your phone and flashed ClockWorkMode Recovery on your U.S version which is called the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2. This should be done prior to proceeding. If you […]

[How To] Root AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 SII SHG-i777 (SGS II Root) With Odin & SuperOneClick..Simple Instructions +Video

First make sure you have the following… Samsung Kies Drivers (this needs to be on your computer, and if the link goes down just search for Samsung Kies on Google and download) Download Odin HERE SuperoneClick HERE (or if that link doesn’t work try HERE and scroll down and download the latest under the attachments […]

List Samsung Secret Codes: Samsung Galaxy S II & Samsung Infuse 4G; Find Phones MAC Address, Find IMEI

Find Samsung’s MAC Address Step 1 ) Go to the phone’s dialpad like you’re about to call someone. Step 2 ) Press *#2222# Step 3 ) Press Menu key Step 4 ) Press WiFi Find IMEI Step 1 ) Go to the phone’s dialpad like you’re about to call someone. Step 2 ) Press *#06# […]