Full List Custom ROMS For AT&T SAMSUNG-SGH-I777 Galaxy S2 (SII) CM7 vs. Cognition vs. UnNamed…

Here’s an updated list of compatible ROMS for the U.S. version of the Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) or the Samsung SGH-i777. These are all confirmed roms that are running and stable for our phones; exception is MIUI but it’s on the list. Don’t go flashing ROMS for the International/Asian version. If you do then I […]

Compatible Cases For AT&T i777 Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) Cases & Covers For SGS2

If you’re viewing this, you probably have the U.S. AT&T i777 Samsung Galaxy S2 or SII. A major problem with newer models phones are the accessories. Since the European/Asian version released before the U.S. version people are tempted to buy cases that are purported to fit our AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2. Don’t be fooled. That […]

[Quick Review] CyanogenMod 7 ROM For Samsung Galaxy S2 v7. 1.0

So it’s time for a small review of my absolute favorite ROM for Android phones; CyanogenMod. CyanogenMod is comprised of a community of contributors who tirelessly take the Android platform and turn it into what’s it’s meant to be. CyanogenMod 7 based off Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) for the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 is light-years ahead […]

QuickPic, Best Gallery Picture Video App For Android. Editor’s Pick

Welcome to QuickPic. This alternative viewer/gallery app is better than my Samsung Galaxy S2 stock gallery and I consider it one of the best picture, video viewers to date.  Its fun, easy to use, and lightweight. The application is stable and does its job with all the same functionality as the regular Android gallery.  Here […]