Comments are closed in WordPress Fix Solution or Comments Not Showing and How to Open Comments for All Previous Posts SQL Fix While Installing Disqus

So you have a WordPress blog and you want to enable comments.  Maybe you previously disabled them to avoid the hassle of spam and dealing with disrespectful visitors. Now you want to reenabled them but when you do you get the pesky “Comments are closed.” at the end of every post.  FINALLY I HAVE A […]

Quick Life Tips by Trae McNeely To Save You Time and Money

This is what it’s like to be me; Trae McNeely. Here are a few daily, weekly, monthly tips to help you save time, money, and more. I’m starting with 21 tips but I will add more as time progresses. 1) For finances, uses’s mobile app widget to track purchases. 2) For purchases, uses Capital One […]