What I Said vs. What I Actually Meant…And Meaning of Facebook Poke

What I said vs. What I actually meant.  There’s always a deeper meaning to words and acronyms.  Stay informed! What I said. LOL What I actually meant. I have absolutely nothing to say in response.  What you said is mildly amusing to me.  I want to assure you of our friendship and my response is […]

[Definition] Reductive: Changing From One Form To Another…Madonna Mentioned This On ABC

So, today I learned a new word courtesy of The Material Girl herself; Madonna. When asking about Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” and how she imitates Madonna’s style, legacy, music…Madonna responded with, “It feels Reductive.” The interviewers said what does that mean. Madonna said, “Look it up.” So, I do. Reductive means the act of […]