How To ADB Push Files To Your Android Phone Because MacBook Air Won’t Enable Mass Storage

If you love your android and the advantages of ADB commands then you’re probably aware of how to push files using the adb command to your android devices. The only reason I use adb is to put files on my Galaxy S3 because my MacBook Air won’t recognize my Galaxy S3 (AT&T). On my MacBook […]

[How To] Install Ice Cream Sandwich ICS On AT&T Galaxy Note i717 ,SGH-I717UCLC5 ROM – How To Root AT&T Note With ICS Instructions Included…

Well it’s time for the latest update to our Galaxy Note and it’s in the form of ICS otherwise known as Ice Cream Sandwich. Warning!!! This is just for the AT&T Note, not the international. You are risking your device and I’m not liable for you flashing this leaked ROM. It’s pretty stable and makes […]

Is AT&T’s Cell Phone Coverage That Bad? Who’s Better? [Opinion]

AT&T, aka the Devil, when it comes to customer service and a number of other things has finally learned their lesson when it comes to the competition. Personally, I’ve been with AT&T when it was called Cingular since 16 years old and the bad publicity still lingers primary because AT&T’s/Cingular’s network WAS sub-par given the […]