[Instructions] How To Put Samsung Galaxy S2 (II) i727 Skyrocket Into Recovery Mode & Download Mode: List of AT&T Skyrocket ROMS

This is very simple and works like a charm. I will show you two things.
How to put your phone in recovery mode and how to put your phone into download mode. This is for the i727 Skyrocket from AT&T, probably works with a lot of other phones as well. Follow my instructions exactly. THE LIST OF ROMS ARE BELOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To put your i727 Skyrocket phone in recovery mode.
1 ) Turn your phone off. Power it off.
2 ) At the same time, press and hold volume up and down and power at the same time. Your phone will come on.
3 ) Keep holding even after the vibration.
4 ) When you see the first SAMSUNG white text, let go of the buttons.

1 ) Before the above you should have downloaded ROM Manager from the Android Market and Flashed ClcockworkMod Recovery. When it ask you what version you should select “Samsung T-Mobile GalaxyS2.” I know it says T-Mobile but select it anyways.
2 ) From Rom Manager you can select Reboot into Recovery OR you can turn your phone off and follow my previous top instructions.

Please typically do the above to install custom ROMS HERE
I recommend Sky Ice Cream Sandwich.


To put your i727 Skyrocket phone in download mode. (This is typically done to flash back to stock if you bricked your phone or are getting excessive errors)
1 ) Turn your phone off. Power it off. Set your phone down.
2 ) Take your USB cable and plug it into the computer/laptop ONLY.
3 ) This requires both hands. Pick up your phone and hold down the volume up and down at the same time then plug in the USB to your phone with the other hand.
4 ) Keep holding the volume up and down buttons. The phone will vibrate, still hand and when you see Download mode. Let go.



5 ) Download the stock from HERE
AT&T user select the Download Stock TAR for SGH-I727
Rogers user select the Download Stock TAR for SGH-I727R.

6 ) Extracted the above TAR file.
7 ) Open Odin 1.85, run Odin3+v1.85.exe or Odin.
8 ) Odin will recognize your phone if there’s a yellow box.
9 ) In Odin select PDA and find the TAR file you downloaded.
10 ) Make sure Re-Partition is UNCHECKED. It should be by default.
11 ) Click Start
12 ) CONGRATS your phone will be back to stock like you bought it from the store.
List of popular ROMS are below:
1. Sky Ice Cream Sandwich (2.3.6(5)-ice-creamsandwich) Multiple Flavors – This is what I have on my phone. Updated weekly it seems with new features and updates.

2. CyanogenMod 7.2.0 – Loyal community.

3. TPC ROM – Based off Rogers Stock

4. QuikWiz ROM – Deodexed

5. Red Sonja ROM – I don’t know anything about this rom.

There are many others but these are the frontrunners for the i727 Skyrocket.
Totally unrelated to the above
I have Sky Ice Cream Sandwich Custom ROM installed on my Skyrocket.
Instructions on how to install it HERE.

If you’re looking to install/flash a custom rom then check out CUSTOM ROMS LIST HERE.

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  • Joela Depass

    I did all this, but it Odin wouldnt start, it said 0 succed, 0 failed.