[How To] Fix Your Device Is Not Compatible With This Item In Android App Market – Galaxy S II, Skyrocket, Etc

Did you try and download an app from the Android Market and you got the following message…”Your Device Is Not Compatible With This Item”? Probably did. There are 3 methods to fixing this. Let me provide you with the most common fix for this. I’ve provided a screenshot below.


Method 1. Go to your Menu button > Settings > Applications > Manage applications > Press All > and then scroll down to Market. Press clear cache first and then clear data second. If you clear data it will clear cache but the first way is my method. Reopen the market.

Method 2. If you have a custom rom this is most likely your fix. This fix involves the program LCD Density. If LCD Density is set to something other than the norm. I recommend you set your LCD Density to 240 or back to the norm. The nook is 160 I believe if you’re using a nook. If you’re using an Android phone like on my Skyrocket, then set it to 240 and then press KillAll and let it do its thing. Make sure you give it permissions when SuperUser asks. I set mine to 200 and 220 and some programs in the market won’t download so I recommend, depends on your phone setting the density to 240, download the program and then set it back to your preferred density setting.


Method 3. Like above, if you have a custom rom like CM7 or some other rom I would recommend doing the above as well but also try this. Download MarketEnabler from HERE. Go to the settings list and long-press Verizon [us] and then fake this provider now. You can try T-Mobile if you want. Reopen the market and try and download your program.

The first method is recommended for everyone if you’re going to a different rom and I recommend the method 2 and 3 if you’ve flashed a custom image or rom on your Android device.

– Trae

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