[How To] Root AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket i727 [White]

These instructions are specifically for the Skyrocket, doesn’t matter the color. I bought the white Skyrocket from AT&T and I absolutely love it. I got all white Ghost Armor on my phone which I’ll share in another post.

If you’re looking to install/flash a custom rom then check out CUSTOM ROMS LIST HERE.

Make sure you have done the following before you Root:

1. First download the Skyrocket Easy Root Here.

2. Download the Samsung Drivers HERE or HERE

3. On your Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket go to Enable “Unknown Sources” in Settings >> Applications. This is located in the menu by going to Menu, Settings, the Applications.

4. Enable USB debugging by going to Menu, Settings, Applications, Development and checking USB debugging.


1. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the above, plug your Skyrocket into your computer USB port. If you have a USB in the back plug it up in the back. Some ports work better than others that is key.

2. Make sure you’ve extracted the Skyrocket-Easy-Root.
3. On a Windows computer, especially Windows 7 you will need to right click on the root.bat file in the extracted folder and run as Administrator. For some it might work without doing it, but I highly advise running as administrator. Now, I got confused because my phone keep failing after all yellow screen and all the text…KEEP TRYING. If it fails and you don’t see the Super User app on your phone then try another port. I tried and tried on my desktop but for some reason I ran it on my laptop and it worked perfectly. Remember to run as Administrator by right clicking the root.bat file.
4. If you have a Mac or Linux computers, install “Linux-Mac.sh”
5. You’re Done!!

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