How To Send Inbox Message On Facebook To Someone Who Has Blocked You Or Your Profile [Trick]

Facebook is littered with security flaws as we’ve seen over the years. This particular tip, trick isn’t a flaw in security but you can consider it a small circumvent around the messaging or friending system. I don’t condone hacking or compromising systems but I noticed this in their settings. The most revealing to me and less-obvious to the user is your privacy settings. Most people have their “look up profile” set to either “Friends of Friends” or “Global”. This trick will ONLY work if that is set. Take a look below.

So, in what scenario would you use this?
1) If someone has defriended and blocked you, yet you want to get the last word.
2) They wrote on your wall and retreated by defriending and blocking any identity or profile you’ve created on Facebook.
3) They’ve made themselves completely invisible to you on Facebook…remember they still have to have friends of friends or global set in their privacy.

Step 1: Pick several friends of their friends or mutual people that you both know before they blocked you. You can pick one but you have a better chance if you know a few people that you can trick. Example: if you were blocked by John Doe and John Doe knows Sally Jackson and you also know Sally Jackson well then write down Sally Jackson and other mutual contacts. You will eventually send a friendship invite to these people

Step 2: Create a fake/another profile and you could do one of the following.
1) Create a duplicate profile, with same profile picture, of your original profile that was blocked because Sally Jackson will most likely accept your friendship. Remember Sally Jackson is the mutual contact/friend. You were original blocked by John Doe. John Doe is the target who you need to get a message to.
2) Or you can create a fake profile with an enticing picture and hope that Sally Jackson accepts. If you can find gullible mutual contacts they are more likely to accept your fake Facebook profile. I think the first duplicate works better.

Step 3: Search Facebook with your Facebook profile and try and friend all those mutual contacts by sending friend request to them.

KEY: The mutual contacts have to accept your friendship from your fake profile because you need to have a mutual friendship with John Doe (person who blocked you) to proceed. Many times it only takes a few minutes, hours, or a day.

Step 3: After you have received an acceptance from one of those mutual friends (example: Sally Jackson), login into your duplicate/fake profile and go to or ON YOUR COMPUTER; not your phone. This mobile site is the circumvent we are about to use to send the “I told you so” message to John Doe who blocked you. Login the site with your username and password and search click on the top, left icon then for John Doe.

Once you’ve done that then you’ll see the mobile version before you friend someone (below).

Step 4: Click Add Friend and this is how the mobile site differs from the main site. If someone has blocked the public from sending messages or basically only allowing friend, then the friend site must have be excluded from their security setting.

Step 5: Now you can send “John Doe” that specialized message that you’ve been wanting to send him/her even though he/she blocked you. Please keep it civil but this is just another Facebook tip on how to message someone who though they’ve blocked you and any fake profiles. They were mistaken.

Summary: 1) Make sure you have a few mutual contacts, Create a fake or duplicate profile, Friend those mutual contacts and once they accept go to and send a friend request to the person who originally blocked you and send them a message. You’re done.

– Trae

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