Download One-Click Unbrick for Samsung Phones. Phone Exclamation Point Computer Unbrick Fix

So you messed up your phone and now it’s bricked. Luckily there’s the One-Click Unbrick that works on all platforms Mac, Windows, Linux, and more.

1) Make sure you have Java installed HERE. Most people probably do but you can click it to make sure it’s installed.
2) Download OneClick.jar HERE to your desktop..
3) Connect your Samsung phone to the computer using the USB cable.

Credit to XDA below

For some versions of Windows as a work around to UAC (User Access Control, the annoying popups), a executable called “OneClickLoader.exe” has been deployed to the same folder as OneClick.jar. It is important that you do not rename OneClick.jar until after runnning OneClickLoader.exe
3. right click OneClickLoader.exe and select “Run as Administrator” — Setup should be run-of-the-mill.

Credit to XDA above

Video instructions below:

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