How To Fix/Unbrick Samsung Infuse 4G, Samsung Logo Stuck On Screen Problem/Fix

So, I know you’re frustrated but let me show you how to unbrick your phone if it’s soft-bricked. Soft bricked means at least the screen will come on. Often times it just shows the Samsung Logo. First you should have the 3 button combo fix LINK HERE installed. If you didn’t do this ahead of time, this fix isn’t going to work. If you’re flashing ROMs you should have enough knowledge and know that this should have been installed beforehand.

If you’re stuck at the SAMSUNG Logo screen then do the following.

1) Power down/turn off the phone. Unplug it from the computer.

2) Take out the battery.

3) Put the battery back in, but don’t power on yet.

4) Put your fingers firmly on both volume buttons and the power and let the screen flash the SAMSUNG logo once, keep holding and when it shows the SAMSUNG logo the second time let go of all buttons and leave the phone alone.

5) You should be in Red CWM Recovery and viola you can restore or fix your phone. It’s worked for me dozens of times. If this didn’t work then your timing is off.

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