Best Custom ROM for Samsung Infuse 4G, Infused ROM vs. Bionix Infinity ROM vs. Refused ROM vs. LinuxBozo’s Galaxy ROM Hellraiser

So, what’s the best custom rom for your AT&T Samsung Infuse 4G. Here are the front runners. I have only tried the infused ROM because I love it, runs smooth and it’s updated more frequently in my opinion; others may disagree.

Infused ROM (my personal favorite): HERE

Bionix Infinity ROM (not updated as often but a good one, more visuals): HERE

Refused ROM (never tried it, look slightly like Bionix, BLN disabled in kernel): HERE

and last but now least there is LinuxBozo’s Galaxy ROM Hellraiser that lets you flash a Galaxy S I9000 ROM onto your Infuse 4G. This is in development and the first three ROMs above are safer. Now, Hellraiser isn’t a rom but it’s a platform that lets you install ROMs meant for the i9000. You can give it a try if you want. Download Hellraiser HERE, but first look at the instructions HERE.

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